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About us

Vedic Astrology is from India, and is called Jyotisha, “The Science of Light”.

Discover your destiny from the oldest form of written down astrology!

Our Services

Readings and Services

I offer astrology Vedic astrology jyotisha consultations such as birth chart, career, marriage, and spirituality analyses.  I also do couples’ synestry charts, as well as consultations for moving, and picking the perfect date for any event.  Tarot and Reiki sessions are available, or you can add them to any astrology consultation.

About Me

M.A. Ethnomusicology.  M.A. Vedic Astrology.  I’m a professional Neo-Vedic astrologer, Master Level Reiki healing practitioner, and certified Tarot reader, and I offer consultations for a variety of purposes.  I use the sidereal zodiac, and after practicing Western astrology for thirty years I’ve decided to incorporate the outer planets, as well.

What To Expect

I offer my clients an intuitive approach to astrology by combining my clairvoyant skills to give an holistic session.  My Spirit Guides help me to focus on what my clients need to hear, and angelic messages often come through in my consultations.


I highly recommend Katya. She is straight and to the point, warm and sincere, accurate and knowledgeable.

Jeanie Cammarata

I love the readings I’ve been given by Katya. They are so accurate and she is such a pleasure to work with!

Ahzs Maralda

I'd never had an astrology reading until today. I met Katya and she spent a good deal of time with my reading. She was on point with so many things and I look forward to what is ahead. I was very comfortable with her - she is truly a lovely person!

Jennifer Baskins

I had such a good reading with Katya! She is well-informed and able to communicate the information in a way that I can relate to! She truly is interested in connecting and sharing as much information as she can in our time together. She is relatable and very knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend a reading with her and will absolutely follow up with her in the future!

Heather Venus Durham

The best Vedic astrology reading I've ever had!!! Definitely recommend Katya.

Bryan Strohm

Katya…such a wise ancient soul! Her astrological readings are spot-on accurate, informative and presented from the heart.

Melissa Ellison

During my initial consultation with Katja I learned that many of the things I thought I knew about astrology were inaccurate and that there are tools we can use to counter debilitating or negative aspects in our properly calculated astrological charts. I have now been following her advise, guidance and suggestions, and using her elixirs for about a month and I immediately notice that some of the things that were challenging for me are not as difficult now that I’m working with the cosmos instead of against them and my life is transforming! I already feel more vibrationally aligned with my purpose and I am forever grateful for Katja’s in depth knowledge and translation of our relationship with the cosmos ✨?✨

Darcee Pearson

My Vedic reading was incredible. Katya knows her stuff!! She was able to interpret my chart in a language I can understand. She was in tune to my energy and even asked me questions and revealed some of my uncharted life lessons and future offerings. Validation from intuition and vast knowledge of western AND Vedic astrology. She's a wonderful clairvoyant. With the beautiful love and light filled energy. Indulge!! Your worth it and Your Welcome ✨?

Heather Acheson

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